Social Media Marketing for Travel Agents

As a travel agent in the 21st century there’s nothing more frustrating than hearing the common question “People still use travel agents?”

Yes, yes they do indeed.And as a travel agent you need your name to be known in order to have a strong online presence.

One way to do this is through interactive social media accounts.

Unfortunately less than 20% of travel agents see social as an essential channel to their business.If you’re part of that 80% of naysayers, my goal with this article is to change your mind.

Social Media can work for you, it’s time to find out how.

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Why You Need Social in Your Marketing Strategy


If you’re still crossing your fingers and wishing for social media to disappear, you’re out of luck. Social media is going absolutely nowhere.

As a travel agent you need to embrace this channel as another way to spread the word about your business.

If you’re currently using email, direct mail, going to trade shows and constantly updating your website, keep up the good work. Social media isn’t a replacement for any of these marketing strategies. It’s a necessary addition.

Social allows you to communicate with clients or potential clients in a different tone and format than any other marketing channel. The various platforms allow you to get to know your customers and to build and strengthen relationships.

You can give your expertise to those asking questions and establish yourself as an authority figure, while also bringing in new leads by having your name and voice known.

How to Use the Various Platforms


Facebook – Facebook is the best place to start out when doing social media for your business. Let’s face it, most of your current or potential clients are on Facebook.

The platform also makes it really easy to generate new Fans, as you can simply target existing clients on the platform by entering your existing email list into Facebook and target a Page-promoting ad (for minimal cost).

Facebook also makes it super to easy to share content and photos to your network to entice them to travel.

Twitter – Twitter is the best platform for up-to-the-minute news and real-time conversations. If you can build a Twitter following of travel loving individuals it can be a great way to communicate. You can create a network of like-minded individuals where you can share information, articles or deals you have to offer.

Instagram – Instagram is looked at as the most important social network by many travel agents as travel is something that is so easily visually represented. With Instagram you can create a sense of desire and connect with followers emotionally. You can also find those users looking for some dream-worthy photos through the location tag and hashtag features of this platform.

Pinterest – Pinterest is another visual platform perfect for travel agents. You can create pinboards of content that appeals to your clients. You can also link to Facebook and Twitter to increase the awareness of your pins.

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