Social Media Advertising for Restaurants

Okay here’s the thing, Restaurants need Social Media marketing to help create a great social media presence. You may ask why but this build brand loyalty with existing customers and attracts potential customers. Social media marketing campaign offers restaurants an opportunity to sell their product and services beyond the dining room to catering, merchandise, gift certificates and lot more.

We believe the best social media channels to do this on are mainly Facebook, Instagram (as a restaurant the visual content is key!) and Twitter to keep your followers updated on a daily basis.

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Tip: If your budget allows and time, why not create candid and creative video content for your channels? Video content is the future and most engaging way to build an online presence and also for conversion. But this does not mean ignore images.

Social media also allows you to keep an eye on your competition and their strategies, why not get involved when you see a customer not satisfied with another local restaurant direct them to you with an offer?  The point is to have fun with it and also be very strategic with what you do.  While you don’t want to copy every method your competition uses in their social marketing campaign, you can borrow, improve and customise them to fit your concept. Following your competitors’ social media campaign doesn’t have to always be about competition. You may find opportunities for collaboration, such as restaurant week or local events/fundraisers.

Audience matters!

The first step in planning a social marketing campaign is to decide who you are trying to reach or whats your target audience. Different social networking sites can help you reach various audiences, therefore it’s important to know who you are trying to invite to your restaurant. Is it the business lunch crowd? The after work drinks and dinner crowd? Is there a local university you can target? Are you near a popular hotel?

Respond to Online Reviews

We can’t stress this enough! The amount of restaurant we have seen and plenty of other niches that leave their reviews section unanswered or leaving the customer hanging is too large. Reviews can be on Zomato, Instagram, Google+, Facebook page, TripAdvisor reviews,  Even if you’re not able to address every post! It’s a good idea to address your disgruntled customers and to try to turn that relationship around and also respond to the positive one’s as not everyone can be pleased, right?

Customer Generated Content

How about turning your followers into your own personal ambassadors? Sharing images and video content created by your followers is one of the best ways to generate brand loyalty and create an even greater online presence. Imagine their friends will see and their friends, friends will see it! You get the picture right?

You can also add creative #hashtags that will create social proof, meaning less work for you to have to convince people to come to your restaurant. It’s essentially free marketing!

Give shoutouts to your employees

This would be a great way to humanize your restaurant or any small/large business. The addition of that human touch, sharing rewards such as achievements and behind the scenes works great for engagement. Those embarrassing moments in the restaurant? Just have fun with your social media; after all, we are there for the social engagement right?

That’s all for today ! How are you engaging with guests on social media? Share examples of great restaurant social media strategy in the comments below!

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