Life is more precious than Grades

Whenever I meet my friends or relatives having kids,I always hear this conversation how their child is performing well in academics. I always wonder a kid, studying just in 3rd or 4th grade - what image he or she is developing? He is constantly getting this message how much it is important to get highest grades to please their parents, how much it is important to win.

We constantly tell our children what will we do after they will get good grades. We will go on a vacation, we will get you a cycle/bike, we will celebrate and what not. Do we ever tell them what will we do if they might fail? We always teach our children how to celebrate success but do we ever teach them how to handle failure?

When a teenager fails in a board exam or any entrance exam, he thinks that he has failed in life. He actually have no idea what to do next? He has no idea how to handle that failure and move on? He actually have no idea that he has a second chance. We constantly give our children a message that S.S.C. or H.S.C. board is a matter of building a good life, and when by any chance they fail, they think there is no life left. I personally had this experience when I got my H.S.C. result.

The point is - it is very important to teach our children that life will not go on a straight line. There will be ups and downs. It is very important to learn how to celebrate success but it is equally important to learn how to learn from failure and move on. It is very important to teach them the importance of hard work. But if they fail even after working hard, they should be capable of accepting it and ready to give a second try.

I request all the parents - let your child know your journey. Talk to them about your ups and downs. Let them know your mistakes and lessons from life. Let them know if you have to choose between grades and them, your definite choice will be your children. Life is not just about grades! Teach them the importance of life, not the importance of grades!

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