Emotional Content – How and Why It Works

You must have wondered, by now, why one of your posts is getting tons of like, shares, and comments when that post simply comprises an image and a little quote. Are you still having no clue what’s in it that made it so successful at garnering a huge amount of attention and engagement? Probably, just my guess, it’s because it was emotional content – positive or negative. People in social media love these types of content! How and why it works will be explained in this article.

Why Emotional Content Works

Well, the simplest and most honest answer I can give is because we are moved by it. Reading something useful and informative doesn’t move you; it gives you new knowledge – but doesn’t affect you at the moment. But when you watch a dog kiss a cat, your aww factor goes sky high. You enjoyed it and you’re proud of it. This gives you the urge to want others to feel as you did. This is why.

 You can make use of many emotions, from joy, empathy, amusement, and awe, to sadness, pain, and even anger. As long as you can hit them in their soft spot, you make them vulnerable. Just like selling something online, use strategies that can move people’s emotions. The number one factor that makes people buy is from their emotion. If they’re happy using that product and they feel they have bragging rights, usually that’s a sure buy. How you advertise it is the hard part.

How to Make a Content That Can Trigger Their Emotions

First, social media posts with images get all the attention most of the time. That’s one fact no expert can deny. Start by using images that stir your fans’ feelings. Use vibrant colors and actions as much as possible. If you post a video, use the most powerful image within the video as a thumbnail. It can be a girl crying, a man helping an old person, anything that can intrigue them to click it. The next thing you want to do is to have a compelling headline that uses catchy words and phrase . As much as possible, aim for positive emotions, rather than negative – it’s safer this way. Negative emotions create a divide on your fans as each has their own opinion. Though it can create a powerful sharing spree, it can also give you a bad name when not properly made. Utilize this method to generate more engagement occasionally.

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