Hashtags are the best and easiest way to grow your followers on Instagram, but they also work on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

You can use up to 30 hashtags in your Instagram posts, On Facebook and Twitter, and I recommend using just one hashtag and use 3 – 5 hashtags on LinkedIn. When compiling your list of hashtags for Instagram, don’t use only the most popular hashtags. Hashtags with millions of posts are highly competitive and the chances of your content being seen are much smaller.

To increase your exposure, I recommend including 3 hashtags with 100,000+ posts, 3 hashtags with 10,000+ posts, and 3 hashtags with around 1,000+ posts. You can easily find this out by typing the hashtag into the Instagram search bar as shown in the image below. Luckily, you don’t need to do all that research because my VA and I did it for you! We compiled a list of coronavirus-related hashtags trending right now on Instagram.

The top 30 most popular coronavirus-related hashtags on Instagram are:

The next 30 most popular hashtags on Instagram

The next 30 least popular hashtags on Instagram

For each post, you make on Instagram, include 3 hashtags from each list above. Now you know what NOT to post and which hashtags to use,

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