Coronavirus Social Media Tips for Business Owners

First, be particularly mindful of the words you use and the type of content you share on social media during this crisis

The content you share should align with your brand voice and identity.

If you typically do not talk about political issues on your business profile, now is not the time to start sharing your opinion about how the government should handle the pandemic.

Imagine if your dentist or family photographer posted a rant about their local government on their business profile. That would be really strange and inappropriate.

No one follows their dentist or family photographer on social media because they respect their political views.

Additionally, be sensitive to the pain and suffering others are experiencing right now.

For some of us, this crisis is a major inconvenience. We’re the lucky ones.

For countless others, this crisis means horrific loss and insurmountable grief.

It’s OK to share your experience and bring some humor and lightness to your social media posts, but try not to cross the line to offensive or negative.

Next, if you are not following social distancing or stay-at-home orders, DO NOT post photos of yourself violating those safety measures.

That is the best way to anger people and draw unwanted attention to yourself and your business.

Numerous public figures have made this mistake and received terrible backlash.

This goes back to being sensitive to the situation.

Third, DO NOT post false information or pranks related to the Coronavirus.

It’s not cool and may even result in legal retribution depending on what you post. So don’t do it.

And finally, use trending hashtags to increase the exposure of your posts.

Finding the right hashtags takes a lot of time, so I’ve done the work for you!



90 coronavirus-related hashtags to use in your social media posts will be shared on my next blog

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