Breast Cancer in Men, Yes, Men Can Get Breast Cancer

Fact #5: Mammograms Aren’t Just for Women

The x-ray machine that takes mammograms

Just like women, men can receive a mammogram (a low dose x-ray of the breast) or other types of imaging exams to determine if cancer is present. A mammogram takes only a few seconds, and it requires pressing the breast between two plates to compress the tissue and get a clearer image. Depending on the results of the mammogram, further tests, like a biopsy or ultrasound, might be needed.

As always, just because your doctor orders an imaging exam or biopsy doesn’t mean you have cancer. In fact, most results of these tests don’t show cancer.

If you or a loved one is concerned about breast cancer, contact your care provider. They can perform a physical examination and recommend imaging options or further studies.

Fact #6: Men Can Feel Left Out of the Breast Cancer Conversation

Men diagnosed with breast cancer can feel like outcasts or freaks. They might not feel at home in breast care centers decorated in pink, or in waiting rooms where they are the only male present.

But the truth is that breast cancer affects thousands of men every year. Having breast cancer, or being concerned about a possible symptom, doesn’t mean that a man should feel ashamed or embarrassed. The biological fact is that cancer can develop in places all over the body, from bones to organs to the skin. Breasts are no different.

Here at UVA, we work hard to make men with breast cancer feel welcome and cared for. Men with breast cancer aren’t alone here: we’ve treated many men with breast cancer. Our subspecialty trained breast imagers are experts at detecting and diagnosing male breast cancer. And our breast care team has extensive experience in treating men with breast cancer.

If you’re concerned about breast cancer, talk to your doctor about the imaging and care options available at the UVA Breast Care Center. Learn more about male breast cancer by clicking here, or about all of UVA’s breast care services by clicking here. To schedule a consultation at the Breast Care Center, call (434) 924-9333.

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