Advertising can make or break your app.

Advertising can make or break your app.

Too many mobile ads, or even the wrong kinds of mobile ads, can drive users away. Maybe videos pop up after every lost life in your mobile game. Perhaps banners are too irrelevant or interstitials are too intrusive. Proper advertising is crucial to monetizing your app without losing users.



Banners, or display ads, are small advertisements usually at the top or bottom of the screen. They are the go-to choice in mobile advertising for developers at the moment.

Pros: Banner ads are cost effective and easy to create, so advertisers can push them out quickly. Users don’t mind them, as they can still interact with the app, uninterrupted. Advertisers favor banners as they can target demographics based on past behaviors. For example, a banner may appear for a user who visited your site earlier that day.

Cons: When was the last time you clicked a banner ad? Banners are small ads with even smaller text on a small screen, so they are not visually compelling on mobile. They have notoriously low engagement rates: the average is a 0.1% CTR.Hubspot put together a humorous compilation of stats, quoting that you are more likely uninterrupted a plane crash, climb Mount Everest and birth twins than click on a banner ad in your lifetime.


Interstitials are full-screen ads that block out the app’s other content. They often freeze on the screen for a select number of seconds until an “x” out button presents itself.

Pros: Interstitial ads overcome mobile’s biggest hurdle – limited real estate – by consuming the entire screen. Unlike banner ads, interstitials force users to interact by clicking out or clicking through the ad. Due to these actions, interstitials grab users’ attention and maintain high conversion rates.

Cons: Interstitial ads hinder users from completing the desired action by forcing them to stare at the ad until they can click out. Many users find this irritating, so integrating too many of these mobile ads may lead to app uninstalls.

Arvind Kewalchand-27Feb17

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